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Voices of Truth

Published 4-17-2022

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Wednesday May 11, 2022 

Voices of Truth


There are many voices speaking out for Truth, and each voice is needed, and each voice supports and uplifts all the other voices of Truth, and in turn the whole world. All that is needed is voices of truth coming together, respecting varying differences in symbolizing the truth… there are many paths up the mountain. We are so respectful of one another’s different preference’s in cars, clothing, education, occupation, respecting all those paths up the mountain as perfect options. However, when religion or politics comes in people judge one another for their different views. Live and let live.

Be in your own business while doing your best to make a powerful positive impact for good in the world. Use your wealth wisely. Know it is not yours, it is passing through your wide open vortex of love. 


The secret to awakening is knowing that nothing external brings eternal happiness. No matter how the external images playout in front of you… your happiness dwells within as you connect to what you truly are as a sacred Presence, a being of immense wisdom and power.

We simply continue to repeat the deepest truth we know in each moment on a vibrational level by holding the truth within us, embody it fully. Holding the energies of the highest vibrations, love, peace, joy, compassion, abundance, generosity, connection, gratitude.

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