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The Unending Glory that You ARe

Published 2-1-2022

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Message4Humanity February 1, 2022

The Unending Glory that You Are

When we focus on love and connection above and beyond all other agendas, winning and competition, looking good or avoiding looking bad, being right and making others wrong etc. etc. etc. we find the true meaning of each and every moment of our lives. This includes loving connections with the Self, others, nature, life and the God of our understanding… knowing they are all the same.

When we look at the big picture we find the truth within our own hearts, that we are that one true love of our lives, that we are one with the ever-loving source of our existence, that love will truly conquer all. Conquer all fears, all rejections and all failure, because that love shows us that fear, rejection and failure are simply impossible in Truth… all forms of fear are impossible when we bask in the ever expanding Truth, all loving Grace of our Soul and the God of our Understanding.

Spend this day with the love of your life, with the silent stillness within the sanctuary of your own infinite heart and know that nothing of this world, nothing in all the Universe is more valuable or important. There is no more valuable or productive way to spend time than basking in the Truth of your being, which has no words nor can be comprehended or described with words. It is an experience beyond this world, into the Reality of your eternal being.

When you come back from meditation you will be guided and empowered to serve love and create loving connections that will transform your life and others. You will be in this world yet not of it, you will be serving as an extension of the One Mind we all share and not identified as a body. Knowing clearly your body is simply a temporary vehicle that serves a Divine purpose, just as a car or bike is a temporary vehicle that serves a purpose. The body and a vehicle like a bike or car are similarly not what you are, they are both temporary vehicles your soul uses to serve a greater purpose. You are an eternal extension of Divine Source Energy animating through a body for a blink of an eye to teach and extend love and connection for the purpose of healing the illusion of separation.

Remembering the unending glory that you are is the only true and worthy goal of living a physical life. The only goal that will be everlasting, that you can take with you after you transition… the gem that keeps on shinning brighter and brighter regardless of which dimension of awareness you exist in, that serves Earth and Heaven equally for all time and all eternity. You are the most precious gift that can ever be found, more than all the money in the world, all the fame, all the power, all the accomplishments and successes, all the adoration from others. Finding the infinite treasure that dwells within your ever expanding sacred heart is the greatest and truest treasure ever to be discovered throughout all dimensions of existence because that is where you are one with the Self, one with and equal to all other beings, all life and the Source of your being, that is where you experience fully the grandeur of pure wholly innocent infinite love and ecstatic rapture of your natural state, as you are created and sustained in every instant in Reality by the Source of All that is.

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