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Mentoring & Mediumship

Grace 4 Life

Living Life for the Joy of the Experience

Making a Powerful, Positive Impact for Good

Living Your Highest Destiny

Awakening to Higher, More Empowered Versions of Self

Manifesting an Abundance of Good in All Area's of Life

Gaining Connection & Love From Past & Present Loved One's


"Only when mentoring offers a vibrational as well as informational passing along of wisdom, can growth and expansion be supported in the highest form."

Mentoring has assisted human beings for centuries... an apprentice learning a skill... the passing along of wisdom. Ecstatic Life Mentors help vibrationally by holding and transmitting the vibrational frequency and informational wisdom to help one to find their unique journey to true mastery of Self. A person who desires to live an exemplary life and excel in area's of joyful living, passionate about living their greatest hearts desires finds a mentor. A mentor is someone who has success, and expertise in their area of interest.  An athlete finds a professional coach, a cook finds a master chef, a young entrepreneur finds a successful business man to mentor them. On the contrary a money coach who is struggling financially or a weight loss coach who is over weight... these may be coach's, however they are not mentors because they have not acquired an expertise vibrationally. Only when mentoring offers a vibrational as well as informational passing along of wisdom from gained experience can growth and expansion be supported in the highest form.


Mediumship is communication with loved ones who have crossed over into dimensions other than the material Earth plane. Grace likes to say crossing over or passed away rather than died because no one ever dies, no one is ever gone, we all simply move between worlds and dimensions consciously, almost like walking into another room... with the door always open. Grace has been talking to her son John on an almost daily basis since he passed on July 24, 2017. 

Prices 4 Mentoring & Mediumship Sessions
One Hour- $130
Two Hour- $210 ($50 Savings)

To book a session email: Grace@OneWorldStudio.Com

About the Mentors

John and Grace Profile (4).jpeg

Grace has 40 years of experience helping people to love, living life. She uses tools such as "The Work," "Spiritual Mastery" and Channeling wisdom from her son John in Heaven.

Grace will help you to overcome challenges, reach beyond what you can imagine now, and ignite your passions. If you want to live a life that overflows in love, freedom and joy. Grace is committed to helping you not only succeed in fulfilling your dreams, but to love, living your life.

Mentoring Specialties


-Joyful Relationship 

-Grief & Loss

-Spiritual Awakening

-Eating Disorders & Addiction

-Manifesting Abundance

-Depression & Anxiety

-Living Your Highest Purpose

-Self Love & Forgiveness



-Author & Speaker

-Mentor & Life Coach 

-Ordained Minister

-Peruvian Shaman

-Yoga Teacher Trainer

-Reiki Master, Theta & Bars 

-Peace Dance Leader

-Oneness Trainer

-Massage Therapist

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