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The Grace Channel
Welcome to The Grace Channel on One World Radio. My name is Grace. The Grace Channel began while my beloved son John was still in the physical, before he left his body and crossed over to the other side. It's actually not that big a deal for those who cross over, because they simply expand into their natural state, and can return to the temporal realm anytime. 
For me it was devastating to lose my beloved son John. My consciousness was shattered like nothing I ever experienced. When my mother passed I was deeply sad, I sobbed often. However, the pain to my heart was like a grain of sand compared to the life altering pain and grief of losing my beloved son.
I have committed to God, my son to continue John's global movement 4PEACE here on Earth for the rest of my life, God Willing always. I am here to serve God first knowing if it wasn't for my Creator I would not exist in this instant. Our eternal oneness with our Creator and the boundless and intense eternal love that can never be threatened, allows us to exist in this instant and create in God's Kingdom together in joy, as equals. Be confident and secure in this Truth... We are eternally loved and wholly one with our Creator.
My prayer's and affirmations:
Dear God, take over my life
This holy instant I give to you,
Be You in charge,
I will follow you certain Your way will lead to truth.
God loves and cares for me and gives me all good things, I love Him and think only Her thoughts and do only the things He wants me to do.
Love and a call for love, extend only love, teach only love, Just
I am committed to choosing PEACE in this instant regardless of the circumstances. I will not betray my commitment and myself for anything or anyone occurring outside of my own precious heart.
It is my honor to channel Messages4Humanity from my beloved son John in Heaven. John and I have had many, many conversations about God, spirituality, philosophy, economics, politics... and so much more. We read books together, watched movies, we hiked the mountains together, we simply loved one another's company and enjoyed life together in many deep ways. John was on my Grace On Fire Radio show before he passed in 2017.
I now only channel John on The Grace Channel, it allows me to spend time with John and continue our conversations we had daily before he transitioned, now we have conversations from different dimensions... Heaven & Earth. It is actually natural for everyone. We all can talk to loved one's who have passed and we all can talk to God, and he most certainly sends you messages.
Below are two radio recordings with John and I, one month prior to John's passing at 25 years young on July 24th, 2017. Above is a picture of John and I in our most natural and joyous interactions. He was always tickling me, always making me laugh. I was his wrestling practice partner, he'd always pin me... he was a State Champion wrestler in High School.
John, my beloved son is a recognized Global Leader forwarding A Global Movement for A Peaceful, Thriving and Free World for All. He is the Founder of One World CommUnity, One World Humanity, OneWorldHumanity.Com, OneWorldCommUnity.Com. John has a Master's Degree in Finance, minors in Math and Philosophy, on the International Golden Key Honor Scociet, as President of Young American's for Liberty for six years. John created a movement that included a humane, fair trade, earth friendly commerce directory that would assist ending slavery and inhumane practices on planet earth.
I am Grace, John's loving and devoted mother, forwarding on our radio conversations, only now, with my beloved son John and I communicating from Heaven to Earth. I am honored and joyous to share his beautiful and inspiring Messages4Humanity to all humans who wish to receive and benefit from his messages, meditations and chants from Heaven.
John and I are Directors of Center for Awakening and owners of One World Humanity, A Global Movement 4PEACE. All are welcome who come in PEACE. All religions, spiritual paths, political preferences, economic background, all races, all sexual preferences. We believe all beings have a right to worship the God of their understanding, Our Creator, that which sustains our existence. We believe all human beings are equal, we extend love to all fellow human beings and the planet her Self. We have one class of citizens... equal humans. All are welcome who come in peace.
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