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One World Community Studio
Peace, Freedom, Abundance for All!

133 East 4800 South, Murray, UT

The Grace rEvolution

Grand Opening

Communiy Studio

May 24, 2018

John's Tree Planting & Vigil 7pm

133 East 4800 South, Murray, UT

Drum Circle!

Global Events

The Apothecary

Nature Farmacy, Exotic Juice Bar & Gardens

Be on our                         Team

Have your name in our courtyard in Historic Murray $20
Volunteer & Receive FREE Concert & Yoga
Saturday April 14 @ 2pm
133 E. 4800 S. Murray, UT 

Community Fairs

Music Jam




Open Mic

Game Night


One World Weekends 
May 2018
Thursday May 3, 7:30pm     
Music Meditation 
Friday May 4, 5pm         
Homeless Dinner
Saturday May 5,10 am-4pm
Community Fair 
Sunday May 6, Carpool Noon       
Hot Springs Gathering 
May 5-7 Crystal Hot Springs
125 & 133 East 4800 South, Murray, UT
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"Unifying for the Eternal Survival of the Human Species or Something Greater." The Beloved