One World Humanity Global Meditation (9)
One World
World Peace
One World PEACE

Global Meditation 4 Peace

December 7, 2020

12:00 am to 12:00 am MST

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We are sharing the intention for unity, in coming together for peace on Earth, the good of all humanity and raising the planetary vibration to the highest state of love and light possible. In sharing our high vibrational, inspiring messages of peace we will be inviting other's to choose peace... lighting one candle at a time, touching one heart at a time, trusting that the light they gain will light up other's minds, other candles and before we know it the entire world is filled with brilliantly lit souls walking together in peace upon our sacred planet Earth.
One World PEACE Presenters



It's time to come together 4 Peace!

Every species that was threatened and survived, unified together in order to save and evolve their species. The only way to evolve and survive as a humanity at this time is to come together in peace for the good of all. 

"We need to evolve in order to survive" -- John, The Beloved

Please join CommUnity leaders on December 7, 2020, Pearl Harbor Day for One World Humanity's Online Global Meditation 4 Peace. For 24 hours we will come together in meditation, prayers, and song to raise our individual consciousness and the consciousness of Humanity as a whole.  We will send powerful vibrations of love, peace and unity into the planetary field 4 PEACE On EARTH Good Will to All.

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