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Below are two radio recordings with John and I, one month prior to John's passing at 25 years young on July 24th, 2017. Above is a picture of John and I in our most natural and joyous interactions. He was always tickling me, always making me laugh. I was his wrestling practice partner, he'd always pin me... he was a State Champion wrestler in High School.


John, my beloved son is a recognized Global Leader forwarding A Global Movement for A Peaceful, Thriving and Free World for All. He is the Founder of One World CommUnity, One World Humanity, OneWorldHumanity.Com, OneWorldCommUnity.Com. As President of Young American's for Liberty for six years he created a movement that included a humane, fair trade, earth friendly commerce directory that would assist ending slavery and inhumane practices on planet earth.


I am Grace, John's loving and devoted mother, forwarding on our radio conversations, only now, with my beloved son John and I communicating from Heaven to Earth. I am honored and joyous to share his beautiful and inspiring Messages4Humanity to all humans who wish to receive and benefit from his messages, meditations and chants from Heaven.


John and I are not affiliated with any religious or spiritual organization or political party. The only entity we choose to affiliate with at this time for this Global Movement 4 Peace for all human beings. We have one class of citizens... equal humans. All humans are welcome who come in peace.



Liberated Citizens

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John & Grace

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