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Love or A Call for Love

Published 12-08-2020


All those who are going against love are simply calling for love.

Keeping this focus, love and a call for love, clarity or innocent confusion, we can continue to stay in a higher vibration that supports our destiny, our highest possible destiny and path in this life. In every present moment we have the opportunity to raise our vibration to infinite heights, why not now.

This is our ongoing practice… meditation and raising the consciousness. Seeing truth by seeing only love and a call for love, clarity or innocent confusion. With everything! When people are mean it is difficult to see only love and a call for love. However, those who are calling for love provide us the opportunity to choose again for peace and heal our mind through practicing compassion and setting limits as well as seeing what we choose not to be. Loving and kind people we naturally and inevitably see as loving, they are not giving us the same opportunities to heal our minds… however, loving people provide the example of what we can become.

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