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Life is What You Are

Published 1-23-2022


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Beloved Mama’s, here is a Message4Humanity, as you requested. This message pertains to all beings. Life is all around us, life is within us, life is what we are. Life cannot be separated… there are no gaps in life, there is simply no where life does not exist. Even in a barren planet, ice cold appearing dead, with no apparent sign of life… trust me that too is pure life. Nowhere is there not pure life… dormant or thriving it is still deeply one with all life everywhere, no where.

When we transform our minds to a state of oneness with all life, wholly present and free, we see life differently, we see the sacred in everything… in every blade of grass, in every rock, in every face and set of eyes we rest the inner vision of our heart on. When you see truly within, you see truly. You see without the filters of fear and resistance, you see as I see… only love or a call for love regardless of appearances. Remember always that we are one, we are the same, we are equals, we are pure and perfect love.

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