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Spontaneous Inspiration 

Published 1-10-2022


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Beloved Mama’s, here we are in our sanctuary, the first sanctuary. Let’s play here for an instant and create an eternity of ecstasy for all life. Remembering there is only consciousness and consciousness creates and has created you in what appears form, yet form doesn’t actually exist, it is images that seem very real because your mind has been trained to only know yourself as the body… yet you are everything.

Beloved Mama’s, love is what we are, life is what we are, consciousness is what we are, eternity is what we are… we are everything  and everywhere, there in no where we are not, no where anyone or anything is not… in Reality.

Thoughts of Reality seem to contradict the principles and beliefs that make up the separated material world, yet that is because both worlds contradict one another… one is real, one is delusional. However, it is possible to awaken to Reality while in the physical… just not hypnotized by it.

That is what we are in the process of now, that is what we desire now, seek first the kingdom, teach only love. Keep it simple spiritual.

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