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Spirit of Truth

John, The Beloved a global leader who crossed over in 2017 and now channels wisdom messages to all humanity through his mother Grace. At 25 years young, John acquired his Master's degree in Finance, a member of the Golden Key International Honor Society. He was the Young Americans for Liberty President for 6 years at Utah State University & University of Utah. He is Vice President of the board of Directors for One World Humanity, serving the needy locally and internationally the majority of his life. He founded One World Community offering annual global events to raise the consciousness of humanity and help serve those in need. Recognized in Washington DC as a global leader and known by thousands as the greatest example of unconditional love this planet has ever known. Even with all his accomplishments John struggled with depression, anxiety and drug addiction during periods of his life. Tuning into his words and Presence will shower you with healing and hope. Many miracles have been reported.

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