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Unify has roots as deep as 1979 when Grace discovered the book, A Course in Miracles, unexpectedly at a used bookstore. She fell in love with the book and it became her first introduction to spirituality, as she didn't grow up in a religious home. It was a few years later when she discovered a Course in Miracles group in waltham Mass that she joined on a regular basis. She became good friends with Vicki Poppe who led the group and Grace soon was leading the class with Vicki; even though she was still in school and the youngest member of the group. 


Grace and Vicky both became pregnant in 1990, however they had due dates a month apart. At a Christmas party at Vicki's home someone joked about them having the babies on the same day. Everyone laughed... however fate would have it that they not only had their babies on the same day, but in the same hospital in Boston, and they baptized the babies together as well. The Boston Miracles group brought Grace to Endeavor Academy in Wisconsin, which led her to Salt Lake City in 1994.


When Grace landed in Salt Lake City with her two children 3 & 4 years old, she had one suitcase of possessions, no job, no family, no friends, no car, no home. She eventually created a life in Salt Lake City and began holding music meditation in her home on a monthly basis. 


In 1997 she decided to hold a special music meditation for New Year's Day, a holiday the entire planet celebrates. That is when she created her "All Are Welcome" quote. This was the first UNIFY event, a year of miracles. It began with a gathering for the first lesson of ACIM and the opportunity to be matched up with a partner whom you would journey through the year long lessons with. 

Grace continues to hold the UNIFY event on New Years Day in Salt Lake City, Ut with a Year of Miracles where the group practices the first lesson of the year together, partners up those who wish to have a partner followed by a live meditative concert and pot luck celebration. The event is offered on a love offering basis.

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