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The Grace rEvolution

Dominical, Costa Rica

200 Hour Ecstatic Yoga

Teacher Training

November 1- 22, 2018

Ecstatic Yoga

Ecstatic Life

Registered Yoga Alliance School

Ecstatic Yoga is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified school in Dominical, Costa Rica, where the mountains meet the ocean. Rich and beautiful coastline full of magic, wonder and stunning beauty. Beautiful rainforest location steps to the beach. Fresh local food, surrounded by tropical birds and exquisite nature. Quiet and peaceful setting in a small town with health food store, juice bars, evening disco's, shopping and great food. Your yoga training will include beach excursions, a bomb fire beach ceremony, yoga on the beach, in the jungle, waterfall excursion and sunset beach breath circles.  Become a yoga alliance certified yoga instructor while basking in the beauty and ambiance of Costa Rica. What better place to deepen your yoga career, as well as your spiritual awakening? You will also have the optional opportunity to join a one day humanitarian project bringing food and necessities to a near by rural village, as well as participate in the EVOLVE yoga & symposium festival during the peak meteor showers. Yoga, beach parties, dance, music & human conversations to solve major global issues. All disciplines and paths welcome. December 11-12th the shooting stars are at their highest as the planet moves through it's annual Perceids cycle. To witness this spectacular event on the remote & awe inspiring Playa Dominical at night is a once in a lifetime experience.

Sample Daily Schedule

6 am -7 am                      Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle- Ecstatic Meditation

7 am – 9 am                    Morning Yoga Practice-Ecstatic Asana

9 am - 10 am                   Breakfast Break

10 am-1 pm                     Workshop Adjusting Postures & Leading a Class

1 pm -3 pm                     Lunch Break

3 pm -5 pm                     Workshop on Bandha’s, Kosha;s lines of energy & Ecstatic Breath

5 pm -7 pm                     Dinner Break

7 pm -8 pm                     Evening Asana Practice & Ecstatic Chant



See Entire Schedule

Dates: Costa Rica 

20 Day Ecstatic Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training

November 17-December 8


EVOLVE Humanitarian Project:

December 10


EVOLVE Yoga Festival

December 11-13

Cost: Costa Rica

$ 3,400

Includes 200 hour yoga teacher training, shared accommodations,     all meals & excursions.



Includes travel to rural village, 4 hours in village delivering necessities to families, & village party. 



Includes daily yoga classes, concerts, beach parties, and symposium workshops.

*Does not include accommodations or meals.  

What You Will Learn


Ecstatic Asana

Silent Disco Yoga

Sun Salutations

Warrior Flows

Balancing Flows

Standing Sequences

Floor Sequences

Leading A Class

Adjusting Students

Anatomy & Physiology

Ecstatic Breath





Energy, Life Force & Vitality


                                          Ecstatic Meditation


                                                 Raja Yoga

                                                Yoga Nidra

                                              Hand Mudra's

                                           Stillness Meditation


Ecstatic Dance

Spontaneous Movement

Spontaneous Postures

Ecstatic Union

Union with Divine Self

Union with the Present

Union with Life

Ecstatic Life

Eight Fold Path

Self Love Practice

Awakening Ceremony

Ecstatic Chant

Bhakti Yoga/Kirtan

Sacred Chant

* Flows & Sequences

* 8 Fold Path

* Adjusting Postures

* Leading A Yoga Class

* Kosha's/Nadi's/Chakras

* Bandha's

* Ethics

* Starting A Yoga Business

* Mudra's

* Anatomy/Physiology

* Yogic Lifestyle

Sample Daily Schedule

6 am -7 am                    Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle                                         Ecstatic Asana                   

7 am – 9 am                   Morning Yoga Practice-                                               Ecstatic Meditation

9 am - 10 am                  Breakfast Break

10 am-1 pm                    Workshop Adjusting                                                   Postures/Leading a Class

1 pm -3 pm                     Lunch Break

3 pm -5 pm                     Workshop on Bandha’s,                                              Kosha;s & Ecstatic Breath

5 pm -7 pm                     Dinner Break

7 pm -8 pm                     Evening Asana Practice &                                            Ecstatic Chant



See Entire Schedule

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