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The Grace rEvolution

Ecstatic Yoga

Ecstatic Life

Registered Yoga Alliance School



Grace Elizabeth Gordon
Diane Christensen
Bob Nielsen
Grace discovered yoga in the 1970's when she would visit Kripalu retreat center during her high School & college vacations. She has been a certified yoga instructor since 2000.
She is presently a 200 hour yoga alliance certified YTT.
Grace is certified in Yoga Nidra through Amrit Desi Institute. She is a certified rebirther, Licensed Massage Therapist, Life Coach, Shaman, Reiki Master, Oneness blessing giver and trainer, Bars & Theta practitioner. 
Grace loves channeling her son's messages from Heaven, playing with her grandchildren, walking outdoors, and swimming in hot springs and  the ocean.
Diane is the owner of Heart Centered Yoga. 
Bob Nielson is a lover of life

Ecstatic Yoga, Ecstatic Life Includes:

* Ecstatic Asana

* Ecstatic Breath

* Ecstatic Tantra

* Ecstatic Chant

* Ecstatic Dance

* Ecstatic Meditation

* Ecstatic Prayer

* Ecstatic Service

* Ecstatic Nidra

* Ecstatic Play

* Ecstatic Healing

* Ecstatic Ceremony

* Flows & Sequences

* 8 Fold Path

* Adjusting Postures

* Leading A Yoga Class

* Kosha's/Nadi's/Chakras

* Bandha's

* Ethics

* Starting A Yoga Business

* Mudra's

* Anatomy/Physiology

* Yogic Lifestyle

Sample Daily Schedule

6 am -7 am                      YPL- Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle- Ecstatic Meditation

7 am – 9 am                    TTP Morning Yoga Practice-Ecstatic Asana

9 am - 10 am                   Breakfast Break

10 am-1 pm                     Workshop on Anatomy, physiology & Body Sensing, Ecstatic Nidra

1 pm -3 pm                     Lunch Break

3 pm -5 pm                     Philosophy; Workshop on Bandha’s, lines of energy & Ecstatic Breath

5 pm -7 pm                     Dinner Break

7 pm -8 pm                     TTP Evening Asana Practice & Ecstatic Chant




6 am – 7 am                  YPL- Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle- Meditation

7 am – 9 am                  TTP Morning Yoga Practice

9 am -10 am                  Breakfast Break              

10 am-1 pm                   TTP Workshop on Postures: Sun Salutation with Practicum

1 pm -3 pm                   Lunch Break

3 pm -5 pm                   Methodology; Compassionate communication & Needs, Ecstatic Nidra

5 pm - 7 pm                  Dinner Break

7 pm -8 pm                   TTP Evening Asana Practice -Ecstatic Dance

See Entire Schedule

Optional Included Excursions:

Hiking the Wasatch Range

Visit The Great Salt Lake

Crystal Hot Springs

Optional Included Excursions:

Rainforest Hike

Beach Visits


Snorkel Trip

Optional Included Excursions:

Visits to local Hot Springs

Tubing down River

Local Concerts


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