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Your Life is Your Story

Published 1-28-2022


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Beloved Mama’s, your life is your story and the more you can be present in each moment to how life is arising now, how the miracles are evolving through you now, the deeper you realize you are already home in me, in God, in all that is.


Be alert to every detail, with a quiet mind, letting go of all those meaningless thoughts, so inspiration can pass through you spontaneously.

It all begins now, it all begins simply and builds upon simplicity. Faith and worry cannot co-exist, you need to make one or the other your belief system... in each moment you are either running unconscious delusional programs or consciously choosing love and inspiration for your highest good and greatest joy. If you don’t choose consciously your default unconscious fear-based thoughts will arise. Take responsibility for that choice each moment of each and every day, because peace and inspiration are available in the space of Reality within each instant of what you perceive as "Time."  

Inspiration cannot flow when you choose the unconscious programming of fear... fear grasps for control and safety and inspiration flows spontaneously when the mind is open and free, present and at peace. 

Every mind has access to unlimited inspiration... all minds are one with the Infinite Realm of Divine Inspiration... what we Truly are.

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