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God's Love is Your Love

Published 2-9-2022

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Dearest beloved Mama’s,

Love is the most important thing in all the Universe and that love is in the moment, with the one you are with, here now, especially if that is your Self…. in Reality you are always only within and with your Self. Don’t think of God’s love as distant from you ever, God’s love is your love, our love, Phil’s love.. the love expressed in any moment from a small act of kindness to a giant expression of generosity… they are all love and that is what matters in life, that is what you take with you when you transition, that and only that. With every loving act you express, your Soul benefits beyond what you can measure. It is as simple as this… be the greatest expression of love in each instant in time, with all equally and you will be as God is.

Focus on what you have an abundance of now and forever more, increase the love in each precious and sacred moment with the one you are with and you will be doing God’s work powerfully. Self love is the greatest love of all because you can only give what you have for and within your own Self… so keep that love going your own way, appreciating who and what you are and you will have more to give to others.

Love and a call for love, nothing else exists in all the Universe, within all the dimensions of existence. There is no greater act, no greater service, no greater gift. Love is simply what we all are, what the Universe is made of, what pumps the heart and grows the flowers… nothing else exists.

Ask yourself constantly how much love can I allow to flow through my awareness, how much love can I extend to myself and others? How much love can I feel for the Source of my very existence, which is pure love. Answer the call for love with love, regardless of the form, regardless of the expression, it is all love or a call for love, no other options exist in all eternity, in all dimensions of existence, in all beings, yes even the government and those who you may interpret as unkind. One thing to note about less loving and more loving… less loving are simply less open to receive love and if only a trickle of Universal love is shining through your heart, you have very little to give. More loving people simply are open to receive more and a huge flow of love is streaming through their hearts… they have an overflow to extend and give. A less loving human being can in one instant of time open their hearts to receive Universal love and have an overflow of love to extend to all.  

You never need to work on changing another, be committed to opening your heart more and more and choosing only love for yourself and all you encounter, maintain peace within your own mind and know you are the extension of love itself, that is your identity, that is everyone’s true identity... in Reality nothing else exists.

All my love to you always and forever more, your loving son John

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