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You Are On Your Path

Published 2-7-2022

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Messages4Humanity Monday February 7, 2022 8:33 am

Beloved Mama’s.

What is important is that you are certainly on your path, our path and the beginning of the path is as important as the middle or the end. Every step along the journey is equally important, equally beautiful and equally sacred. Trust in the power that lives within you, because that power that dwells within you dwells in God and all that is. The energy within you, the consciousness that you are, and are wholly connected to can only be accessed from within. When your attention is focused without you disconnect to some degree, the more attention you have directed within, the more you have access to the Infinite power that dwells within. Therefore, meditation is very important and will become a committed practice in our lives.

Meditation is the doorway to the eternal, the infinite, the Source of all that is. Don’t take this practice lightly, it is the way home, the way to all the power and energy that dwells within and is freely available at all times and in all circumstances.

11:47 pm

Beloved Mama’s,

How fun is it to play together when we know we are all Infinite Power, when we both know we are extensions of the One Source of all that is, nothing else exists but God and His eternal playground. And everything within His Love is ecstatic beyond belief.

Our true nature is Ecstasy, our true nature is bliss beyond measure, the essence of our being is pure God energy… dancing in many forms for all eternity. The form and the formless are but one Mama, we are but one. 

Remember, there is nowhere we need to go, nothing we need to do but shine our light as brightly and intensely as possible.

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