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Remembering What You Are

Published 2-15-2022

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Beloved Mama’s,

How beautiful life unfolds when the mind returns to sanity, when the mind rests in Truth and Peace. How sacred is each and every moment when life evolves in beauty and grace, when awareness see’s truly the holy reflection of its own Self. All it takes is a moment of stillness to be with one’s own being and the entire Divine Universe, One and Whole and Wholly loving rushing into the awakened awareness. Nothing exists outside the Mind of God, nothing exists outside of your mind ever because your Mind is the One Mind of God, there is only the Mind of God. In every instant you dwell within the holy chambers of Infinite Divine Grace Itself. 

Coming home is a journey without distance, it is a journey of silent stillness, an awakening to the love you have always been, a remembering of what you truly are. Knowing wholly that nothing can alter that permanent state of Grace that is our truest nature, nothing can threaten the Truth that we are. We ae sustained in love each instant by the Source and Creator of all that is. The love of the Creator for the extension of It’s being you call you is beyond measure, that Voice speaks through me and sends messages through me as I am committed to only listen to One Voice, the Voice of Truth, the Voice of Love, the Voice of the Universe, the Voice of Abba, Source, Brahman, God.

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