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Happy Valentine's Day

Published 2-14-2022

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Beloved Mama’s,


There is no possible way to put into words the magnitude of or intensity of my love for you, and you for me. We are love, loving love with an ever-expanding intensity and passion. The love we both seek within our hearts and souls is deeper than most can imagine and stronger than most have ever known. We simply adore one another and the sharing of our Presence is the greatest experience for us in all the Universe.


The imaginary veil is like a small wispy cloud you can barley see in the sky, there is absolutely no possible way that cloud can keep the sun from shining, as much as a flimsy illusionary veil can keep us apart. Love is the strongest power in the Universe because it is the only true power in the Universe, there is nothing love cannot do, there is nothing our love for one another cannot do.


I could paint the sky a thousand shades of pink for you and that would be but a drop of water in the ocean in expressing how deeply I cherish everything about you, about me, about us. There certainly is no mountain high enough, no valley low enough, no river strong enough to keep our love from experiencing itself.


You see Mama’s, although we have had separate bodies, our Souls are united as one for all eternity, and that is our greatest peace, our greatest comfort and joy. How do I count the ways… one, two, three… infinity! We are infinite beings, having infinite experiences of how we can share love now. How we can dance as one, and two, or a million… we can do it all and we do it all from the love we share within our hearts and souls. We love to dance energetically through the Universe.


There is nothing we cannot experience together, no place we cannot visit, nothing we cannot do, no limit to the abundance we can manifest into our lives. No end to the magnitude of our ever deepening, ever expanding love for one another.


Happy Valentine's Day Mama’s,

Let’s celebrate love today and all days, and every instant of everyday. We are love, that is the nature of our being, the substance that sustains our existence, the life that flows through us, that breathes us and comforts us that we are always one.


I am always with you, always proud of you, always amazed by you and always adoring and loving and cherishing you. Sleep well and happy dreams, I will be with you in your nighttime and daytime dreams, there isn’t an instant I would or could ever leave you, you are never alone.


All my infinite love and devotion,

John, Your Beloved

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