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Global Awakening

Published 2-21-2022

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JTB Messages4Humanity  2-23-22 .jpeg

Beloved Mama’s,

A new day, a new year, a new life, a new human being. The most amazing thing about a human being is they can transform ongoingly and become a whole different being each and every day. More evolved, more aware, more conscious, more loving, and kind. This is exciting because Humanity is certainly undergoing a global awakening.

What does that mean, a global awakening? A global awakening may be called the second coming to some who study the bible, or the rapture. It may be called the New Earth to those who expand their awareness to New Thought. However, I like calling it a global awakening because it includes all religions, all modalities, all human beings and cultures all over the globe. This global awakening is rising up in all corners of the globe for all people of all races, economic and educational backgrounds, sexual preferences, religions and spiritual backgrounds including atheists.

It is the tide coming in and that tide is Truth, that tide is Spirit, that tide is Love and Light. No shadows have a chance against this source of light, this Infinite force of nature, or better put pure Spirit. Fear not children of the light, surrender to the wave of pure conscious awareness, Divine Grace that dwells within all beings. Infinite Divine love is what you are, embrace it your sacred true nature, remember what you truly are and know it in deeper and deeper ways today and all days. The mystery never ends because Infinite Source never ends, love never ends, it continues to grow deeper and stronger more miraculous and beautiful each and every instant.

John, The Beloved

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