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Coming Home

Published 2-25-2022

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Beloved Mama’s,

All is orchestrating in Divine Right Order. Even when things don’t seem to be synchronistic, they always are. Life is not chaotic, that is simply impossible because we live and exist in an ordered Universe. The lower mind cannot see all the pieces of the puzzle, it has a very limited perspective and blind to so much of what is truly going on… it lives in an illusionary world therefore blind to the Reality that pervades everything, yet cannot be seen with eyes that only see illusions.

I am with you always in more ways that can be counted, know that we are truly one, and I exist within you, as you, with you, for you.

Life is transforming before our eyes and people are waking up all over the globe to the Truth of their being, through a deeper sense of being, expanding into the felt sense of their beings, allowing the light and the rapture to immerse their consciousness. It is happening globally and will only increase and expand and grow.

Know your part in the rapture, your part in the awakening and know that everyone else will also know their part, our hearts always guide us and we all have the exact skills and talents to fulfill our destinies to play our parts and serve in our highest most joyous way to bring about and support this global awakening that cannot be stopped, that has been destined for all time and all eternity and will continue for all time and all eternity.

Once the rapture explodes and immerses the earth and all her species there is no stopping it, it is far more powerful than anything physical and it is the Source of all that is physical. Let’s just say that the intensity will explode, the rapture, the light, the life force is always present… the amount that animates through you depends on how much you will receive and allow to shine forth. A permanent state of Grace is the natural state of Reality.

We are coming home to ourselves, coming home to the beauty and magnificence of what we all are… no one excluded. We are healing the Mind therefore healing all minds to the remembrance of what we are as Creator, Source has created us to be for all eternity, that which can never be threatened.

Enjoy your trip, I love you more than words can say, infinite with infinite leaves always and forever more, unconditional,

John, The Beloved

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