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Awareness Will Cast Out All Shadows

Published 3-7-2022

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Beloved Mama’s,

know yourself more and more as an ever-expanding vortex of spiritual power and energy, you are everything, all life is one. Everything in the Universe is truly ordered and destined yet always spontaneously arising without effort.  To worry or stress or interpret something as a disaster, a failure or mistake is simply an illusion distracting you from the Truth. All is one and I live in everything, you live in everything, Divine Source lives in everything, all is truly one.


Trust your vortex, the beloved’s you have spontaneously gathered, none are by accident. Your vortex is a reflection of your consciousness, and it is always transforming, always expanding and deepening. If you wish for your external circumstances to transform, allow more love and light to enter into your awareness, the all loving light of consciousness divine awareness will cast out all shadows without effort on your part.

Everyone who is in your life whether close or distant has a role to play and part of the Universe, part of the occurring. There are no accidents, everything is synchronistic… life is a complete mystery, nothing physical lasts, illusions are temporary… life is eternal, what you truly are is eternal, you can always find your eternal Self right here now, you cannot find it anywhere else.

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