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There is Only Love

Published 3-30-2022

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The love within is the first love, the eternal love. As we deepen that true love within, it is only natural we exude and extend and share that love without limit, boundlessly, unconditionally. We love regardless of how another acts or reacts, regardless if there’s money or not, regardless if people are nice or mean… you are only responsible for one thing… to love. It is your choice and no one else can make that choice for you and no one can take that choice away from you. The power lives in you… you are the point of power… within you.


No more retracting your love when someone is unkind or repulsive. Your power isn’t outside of you ever. You are never a victim and always empowered unconditionally, always far greater than your circumstances, always firmly rooted in perfect love, intense love, boundless love.

Let’s not get any more complicated than teaching only love, extending only love to self and others. This infers you hold no grievances and have total forgiveness and only love for everyone and everything... which is all a reflection of yourself anyhow. This is what you do best, the most natural act possible. We will focus on this and only this and allow what arises within the field of our consciousness to be wholly loved and accepted in every now moment. In Reality, there is only love, you are only love. I am always with you, always loving you, always helping you.

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