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Spring Message 2022

Published 4-17-2022

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Sunday April 17, 2022 

Spring Message 2022

Springtime is a time of new life, transformation, and the awakening of all that is good within all beings.

It is an opportunity to awaken to the abundant life that dwells within you. We can do this by connecting in present moment awareness to the new life that springs forth all around us… and we can also do this by bringing our sustained present moment attention to the infinite aliveness within.

There is an infinite well spring of all loving potentiality within all beings that can be accessed in every instant. This boundless grace is available always here now, it is our true nature, yet only a quiet mind that has paused a moment in silent stillness can fully experience.

Give yourself this moment today, and all days and watch as the life around you flourishes miraculously in wonderful ways you couldn’t have possibly imagined. You are the living temple in which Divine Grace flows through. Everyday find beautiful and inspiring ways to open that channel and receive more and more Divine light, becoming a more and more powerful expression of love in this world with every new breath you take.

Wishing all of humanity a beautiful Spring, a beautiful heart that allows the endless gifts from Divine Intelligence to flow and overflow through.

John, The Beloved

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