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In Not Of

Published 4-17-2022

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Sunday May 11, 2022 

In Not Of


There is so much to say from here to there… it truly never ends, yet in the end every thought turns to love, every prayer turns to love, every tear turns to love. Love is the essence of the Universe and yes, some souls are closed down from that love, yet even the tightest bloom eventually opens… in God’s time.

So let go of all results, do your best in everything and trust that the Universe is orchestrating its highest possible destiny and in Reality we are all One and Home.

This is a turning point time period in our lives… it is truly very exciting because so much is about to change and on another level, nothing changes at all. We are this ever constant stream of divine intelligence, we all are.

Be in the world yet not of it. We are fully in the world of illusion, fully present to the images and sensations that pass through us, while knowing deeply we are the unchanging Divine Awareness, Holy Spirit that is simply witnessing the images, allowing all life to arise.

Knowing our identity as the Soul Power that is animating and consciously driving the human being. With some behavior issues. There is an intelligence orchestrating all of this, this 3 D world of images isn’t a permanent or real world. There is a world within you, a state of consciousness that can be felt at anytime, that is the permanent you.


Connect with that awareness, that passion, that wisdom within you. The more connected and devoted you are to the inner teacher, the Atman, the Self... the more awakened you become. The more you allow the divine intelligence to embody the physical body, the learning device, the costume. Know what you are… as a pure extension of God, Source, Creator, sharing one holy mind.

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