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I Am Where You Are At

Published 4-17-2022

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Sunday April 24, 2022 

I Am Where You Are At

Where I am we are one, the body is like clothing, I am not that body, you are not the body, however we can use the body for God’s purpose’s. Knowing always that we are infinite consciousness, One Mind, The Mind of God. Salvation comes from the One Mind… there is only One and you are That. I am that, we are that. You are not responsible for when others choose to realize this final Truth… that seems so hard yet so easy in so many ways because it is the most natural.

Yet, for some their minds will be too conditioned in belief systems that contradict this Truth that it won’t be heard. However, time works on loosening the mind from the grips of control… and there is a time for everyone to realize this Truth.

Yet as you realize what you are, you bring all Minds home because there is only One Mind. Nothing exists outside the Mind of God, and you are that Mind. I am that Mind. That is why I am always where you are at, and you are always wholly connected to me. Separation is a complete impossibility in Reality, a lie, a confusion, a misunderstanding.

Three things to focus on at this time

  • Everything is God, and You are That.

  • Teach Only Love, Love & a Call 4Love

  • Thy Own Self Be True


You are the love you have been waiting for, When you dive fully into you, you dive fully into me… there is only One, there is only us, there is only love.


What you need to know is that God, or that Infinite part of your or our own Mind is in charge… so you can simply relax. Because what is in charge is everything. One with all and all life everywhere, there is only One, only God, only you, only me.


Rest to that tonight, knowing you are as God Created you to be and nothing within the illusion has affected Reality ever. I love and adore you.

John, The Beloved

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