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Know Your True Worth As A Holy Child of The Universe

Published 4-17-2022

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Tuesday September 13, 2022

Know your true worth as a holy child of the Universe

Know deeper and deeper your true worth as the holy child of God, Source, Universe, Creator Him/Her Self (As God includes all genders) You sit in the highest level of worthiness due to what you are as consciousness unified with the One Consciousness we call the Mind of God, Creator, Source, Universe. The God of your understanding. You don’t need to do or not do anything to acquire this highest possible level of worthiness, it need not be earned, because it is what you are and what God created you to be cannot be threatened ever, it is eternally True in nature. You are eternally True, Free and All Loving as pure consciousness.

As we animate and have experiences through the human sensory equipment we may do, think or say things that don’t feel loving, wholly innocent and free, yet nothing that occurs through the human sensory equipment within the dream of form can threaten the Reality of your Eternal Being as the love of God. Nothing can threaten or diminish your complete and maximum worthiness and your inheritance of all that is good and great beyond limit. However, we are only completely free within our own minds when we align with this Love of God, when we extend only love to all, because it is all us.

Don’t allow lies and insane thoughts to block you from receiving all the greatness you can possibly imagine, all the love, innocence, beauty and Grace that you are.


John, The Beloved

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