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Loving Both Divine & Human Self

Published 4-17-2022

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Thursday May 25, 2022

Loving Both Divine & Human Self

Only listen to the One Voice of love, forgiveness and innocence. This week is about directing that love, compassion, and forgiveness in toward both the God of our understanding and the human being, the temporary form that Divine Intelligence is animating through. Seeing the good in the human and forgiving our selves for anything we have done that is less than loving, recognizing all the loving thoughts and actions we have taken and seeing the hero within our own human self and the courage and strength of both the Divine Self and the human self… the eternal God within and the temporary human self doing its best.


The relationship with your Self and God, the God Self, the One Self is the most important to honor and cherish and be True to!  You are learning to get your priorities straight and learn to listen to that voice of love within, honoring your intuition and allow your heart to guide you at all times. Letting the mind relax and step back to occupy it’s rightful place.


Let the past go and when your mind is tempted to think of thoughts of past hurts or regrets, thoughts that bring the heart to sadness or stress. In those times ask me for help, ask the Holy Spirit in you. Shift your mind into Truth over and over again with great love and kindness.

You are doing your best, and in the dark when looking with only human eyes. Learn to look with both human and Divine eyes and all life will be illuminating everything you touch so clarity and grace will be your guides at all times.


Love yourself today, all aspects of who and what you are. Love your own heart and soul deeply, madly, Truly, always.

John, The Beloved

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