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Nothing Opposes Us

Published 4-17-2022

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Wednesday May 18, 2022 

Nothing Opposes Us


Nothing can oppose us, how can it when the consciousness that flows through us is the same consciousness, the same love that flows through all things. Yes, of course, souls and bodies have a personality and conditioning, however beyond and all pervasive is simply Spirit. And that will never change… no image in the imagination of a child of God can threaten Reality, Spirit in any way.

What we are as a body is impermanent Permanence, the permanent animates through the temporary forms… always changing forms yet only the constant and permanent, ever-lasting ground of the soul, Spirit continues forever. Nothing can exist without the Spirit.

Spirit is primal and all forms are secondary creations, works of art, sandcastles that will all eventually fade as the tide of love continues to reign for all time and all eternity. Therefore, always seek first the Kingdom, make that primary in all things. Know always the Kingdom as your Identity and you can never fear. That Identity can never be threatened, can never cease to exist, can never be separate from me or anyone or anything, it can never die, it cannot sin, it is pure love and light. That substance, that essence, those eternal gifts from God our Creator can never be threatened nor cease to exist. Our absolute safety is assured, our salvation received, our True Nature revealed.

All is well in the Universe, and all is well in our lives.

We have work to do and happiness to experience. We are here for the joy of the experience and if we are not experiencing joy, we have forgotten what we are. And we can move into remembrance immediately by going within, to the light and the love eternal that dwells within the sanctuary of our own heart, that is the breath we take the thoughts we think, everything we touch, our True Self.

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