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Awaken the God Within

Published 4-17-2022

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Sunday May 29, 2022

Awaken the God With

The most powerful thing you can bring your attention to is your own self love, which is the same as the love of your Creator, the God of your understanding, because the Self you are sending love to is all aspects… the physical body and the etheric Soul Power that is one in and of God. That part of you that is sustained eternally by God, that Is in the image and likeness of It’s Creator.

If you wish to or desire to awaken the God within, you must give it some attention. Invite God to take over your life, your Soul to take over your life, to awaken that within you that is your highest Self… you must give it some attention. You must direct your attention powerfully within, inward toward the Self. And that cannot be read about or intellectualized at all. This is not about anything other than direct experience. Talking about going on a diet and all the knowledge you have on nutrition and losing weight won't lose your weight... yet, you are not going to lose weight until you apply that knowledge.

You will not awaken until you apply all the knowledge of spirituality, religion, experience etc. you have studied and learned all throughout your life. At some point you will get off the stands and step into the court and apply what you have been learning and gaining knowledge and take time each day and spend alone time with God. Take more time each day going within to the all loving sanctuary of your eternal heart than out surfing the temporary external web. Spend quality time each day in meditation and prayer... allow your mind to find stillness and peace and have regular, ongoing direct experiences with the Divine of  your understanding… which are beyond all comprehension, just as you are beyond all comprehension. Beyond all names and understanding... the experience of God's eternal love flowing like rapturous waves of ecstasy through your eternal heart... the heart of the Universe.

John, The Beloved

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