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You Are Wholly Worthy

Published 9-18-2022

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Tuesday September 18, 2022

You Are Wholly Worthy

You can only know you deserve the very best you can imagine for yourself when you know what you are. You are the entire Universe, you are Christ Consciousness, You are the whole Sonship, you are One Mind, you share the One Mind of God. You already have all you will ever need and want, your inheritance includes ever present joy, love and peace eternal… True Wealth. These eternal gifts are your birthright given by God, Universe, Source, Creator because they are the True Nature of your being. Your True Nature as pure love, joy and peace that passes all understanding can never be threatened, you are still as God, Universe, Creator, Source created you to be, and nothing can threaten that eternal Reality.

You are wholly worthy. As a Child of the Universe, One in and as the Universe Itself, you not only deserve your hearts desires, they already exist within you. You are a sacred extension of the God of your understanding, created in It’s likeness, forever extending in His/Her name, a holy part of Divine Mind, One with All That Is, Omnipresent and Eternally Aware and Alive. There is nothing holier than your Divine Mind, your True Nature… the Universe Itself.  You deserve all great and wonderful things always and forever, without limit… boundless, ecstatic and free.

John, The Beloved

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