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You Are Always Empowered to Choose

Published 11-07-2022

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Monday November 7, 2022

You Are Always Empowered to Choose


We are always free to close down to the love and light of the all loving Universe and indweller and that could appear as hate, jealousy, anger, fear or grudges. Drama or victim stories, defending the self and avoiding responsibility for our part in stressful situations.

We can choose the road of lies and hiding our own shame, the road of attack and defense, the road of being right and making others wrong. However, this is the low road, the immature, childish path… this road keeps us in hell, a hell we have created, a hell no one else is responsible for but our own confused mind.

Or we can bring compassion to our mind and other’s minds… we can love ourselves by no longer poisoning our own energy field with guilt, resentments and unforgiveness. We can have compassion with ourselves and others and choice a new path.

We can choose to grow up, grow out of the old wounds, pain cycles and ways of being we reacted and acted out since childhood. We can expand our vision and see we had parents that were unconscious, yet doing their very best and how we both love one another. They hurt us and we hurt them… yet we don’t need to carry this unforgiveness and victim pain cycles around our whole life. To look deeper to the eternal love we have always and will always share within our hearts. To forgive one another for the unconsciousness we both fell into and let go of the pain that caused.

We can choose to be that constant voice of love and approval for our Self. We can powerfully choose for the highest version of our Self, for loving our Self radically, forgiving our Self and all others constantly and easily let everything go that doesn’t serve our highest joy. There is a tidal wave of love within us that is so powerful, so bright that can light up all the shadows within us easily and effortlessly. Transform darker, hateful, fearful, constrained or lower vibrations within us instantly to brilliance. We are empowered in the deep knowing that only love matters, only love truly exists. Love for God, love for Self and love for humanity. Love for the moment as the moment is arising. Love for life and the opportunity you have to experience it fully now.

There are things that have a magnitude far greater in importance than the petty grudges and guilty illusions you choice to dabble in. It is time to bring your focus to higher places and spaces and elevate your consciousness to higher self-awareness.

In any moment you are empowered to choose to see clearly and rightly that you are a child of God, a child of the Universe and you are whole, perfect and complete… regardless of what you have done or what has been done to you, or how your life has unfolded… the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful.

To know who and what you are as a child of God, being created by God, as an extension of God, one in and as God, a God force, a baby God, a powerful baby God.

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