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The Infinite into the Finite

Published 12-11-2022

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Sunday December 11, 2022

The Infinite into the Finite

How do you bring the infinite into the finite world and mind you seem to associate with in this moment? Being an eternal being you must realize that you exist in more realities than this one Earthly realm. You exist in multiple realities, multiple timelines, multiple dimensions of existence. If you believe in past and future lives then you exist in all of them simultaneously because time is an illusion, there is only now. Those past and future lives exist in multiple realities including this life. Time is an illusion that allows a linear mind to experience a one-dimensional existence within a multiple dimensional Reality.

However, when you are visiting, or better put when your attention is focused in this dimension of existence, your greatest gift is to be present to the experience. The only way to be present is to still and quiet the mind chatter. You see when you are listening to the static of mind chatter you cannot be fully present to the present moment experience in the dimension you live in here now.

To be still and be the witness with no thought, without being distracted by a channel of thought, or the static of thought spheres, so you can be alert and present here now.

This is the goal, and then the pure love that you are, that you will always be, that is your truest nature, what you were created by God to be extends forth ad heals other minds. Nothing can threaten what God created you to be, what God created all life to be. God is love and his Kingdom is love and love conquers all.

We Came, We Saw, God Conquered…. Love conquers all!

My message to you is to practice present moment love, be love now. Focus on this today and fear not the love that you are.

When the mind takes it’s rightful place and the Soul takes it’s rightful place, and the temporary brain becomes the servant to the Soul then the mind is restored to sanity and peace returns to the mind affecting all minds and Heaven on Earth returns to our awareness. Heaven is always here now.

There is no you… there is only love and a call for love. Let’s enjoy this entire day together. All my love, always and forever more.


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