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Upcoming Year 2023

Published 12-28-2022

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Sunday January 1, 2023

Welcome to One World EVOLVE 2023, thank you for your support, presence

and attention as I share the Upcoming Message for 2023 from my beloved son John and I.

In my upcoming year message for 2020 I predicted the year of separation, isolation and loneliness like never before and I am happy to report that in 2023 human beings will be coming together like never before. Unifying for good… in communities and all kinds of empowering connections, off the charts, more so than any previous year of human history. And this connection will only grow in years to come.

This is an invitation for all humanity, all human beings, to come together in peaceful connections amidst all our differences and uniqueness’s for one unified cause… the evolution and eternal survival of the human species or something greater.

To Evolve we need to come together, no species has ever evolved without a critical mass coming together to create something transformational. Even the one celled organism couldn’t evolve into two cells without a critical mass within the one cell coming together, working in harmony for a unified purpose.

Harmony in music is created by the differences, and peace on earth needs all our differences. The evolutionary leap we are entering into needs each human being for their unique, equally important gifts and talents.

We are the most advanced species on this planet and that comes with more responsibility, as any eldest sibling knows. Being the dominant species on planet Earth we are responsible for the survival of our Mother Earth and all her species, all her plants, insects and animals that live on and in her oceans, fields and forests. We are the big sisters and brothers that need to love and protect our mother and her children, all her species including the human species.

I’d like to share a quote from Earthday.Org   “The world is facing a mass extinction of species.  All species of mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, arthropods (insects and arachnids), fish, crustaceans, corals and plants have declined, in many cases, severely. Human civilization has had a negative impact on most living things.” 

“We are currently living through a mass species extinction event, the largest known. The speed with which mass extinction has onset appears to be the result of human activity. Scientists estimate that we are losing 10,000 times more species per year than the normal rate"

We are estimated to be losing over 2,000  species per year, some scientists say 8,000 species per year.

We watch as the coral reefs die, they first begin to lose their vibrant colors, they soon become mostly white and shortly after the entire reef dies… miles and miles of what once was vibrant colorful fish, coral, and thriving plant life co-existing in peace and abundance… and then nothing. The human species is also dying… a slow death but losing our vibrant colors. Our soils are depleted of needed nutrients for a healthy human brain & body, our air is filled with toxic chemicals and pollution that gets into our already weakened water supply and into our soil and farms… ultimately in our bodies. Hospitals are multiplying, they are bigger and packed like never before in human history, Human sickness, mental illness and death rates are at all time highs.

human war continues in parts of our globe, unforgiveness and hatred fester within many human hearts, thousands of children die senselessly every year from fentanyl poison, accidental overdose, vaccines and suicide. A vast majority of the human population is on some pharmaceutical prescription due to ill health. Unthinkable amounts of youth are stolen for labor and sex slavery, millions are forced drugs into their bodies against their will. Many human beings are addicted to something, distracted by something… substances, sex, social media… our attention directed away from the self, unable to sit in silence with our own sacred Heart and Source. We murder one another for no reason, thousands of global murders occur each day.  Our prisons are over packed and homelessness is rampant in cities all across the globe. As a species we are not well mentally, physically, socially or spiritually… we are losing our vibrant colors.

It is time to grow up and evolve as a species, put our petty differences aside, and bring all human beings together for a far more important cause… the survival and evolution of our species.

It is time to let go of old disempowering ways and come together to discuss completely new systems, new ways of operating if we want to evolve and create new and different results for humanity and Earth that will save our human species.

I need to call myself out, I have given excuses, reasons why we cannot come together and restore our minds, hearts and planet to peace. I have been distracted by less important things, petty grudges, temporary fixes, and aloofness. However, I have had a change of heart, I realized rather than disagreeing about bias’s, I can choose to listen to higher voices, the voices of Truth, love, peace, compassion and joy. Instead of complaining about all my problems I can give gratitude for the multitude of blessings before me in each instant… the little things like breathing, the chirping of the birds, big things like the eternal gifts of the Kingdom safe within us all…  love, peace, freedom and joy… true everlasting wealth.

I invite you to join me and my son John in changing your heart, not just for yourself but for all who suffer.

If your mind tells you reasons why we cannot evolve, think of all the reasons why we can…  saving lives, restoring freedom, committing to peace, living in joyful community.

If you want to be a victim, be a victim of overwhelming kindness and blessings.

If you want to live in limitation, start now to limit your thoughts to only positive and loving thoughts, only thoughts that align with what you desire to create in your life.

If you want to hold grudges and listen to judgement, be sure to listen to a fair judge, the Holy Spirit, the voice for Truth, the God within that sees only love or a call for love.

Don’t let a difference in beliefs or a petty grievance get in the way of coming together for the survival of the species. No two human beings have the exact same beliefs about everything. If you cannot connect with someone who has differences in beliefs, connect with them for all the things you do have in common… we all want peace, we all want health and happiness for ourselves and those we love, we all want to love and be loved, we all get afraid sometimes…  we will all lose the body and all our possessions one fine day, we all worry, get lonely and insecure at times, human beings grieve and miss passed love ones we have lost, we wonder if we are on the right path at times. We feel deep within us that we want our lives to matter, we feel an urge within us to reach higher, to help another, to expand our energies and become more enlightened. We ‘ve all felt the sting of anxiety or doubt at least once in our lives.

If we can come together, we most certainly can overcome this time in global history. How do we know?….  Because we have human being models that came together in the past that were rock stars, that became heroes for making a powerful impact for good for humanity. Times when things were worse on the planet and human beings came together and rose up and turned the tide of hatred and destruction into peace and glory. Men and women like ourselves, far too many to mention today.… To name just a few, Mother Teresa devoted her life to serving the poor, Abraham Lincoln and his team freed 3 million slaves in America, Martin Luther King who was threatened daily, his home vandalized, continued on to inspire an entire race within a city to walk to work for an entire year to stand up for their rights to sit on a bus without discrimination. Martin, Moses and Ghandhi all freed an entire race by bringing people together in peace for a unified cause.  Our founding fathers who fought for our religious freedoms, risking their lives everyday so people were not killed for holding a bible. Jesus Christ died with the core message to love our enemies as ourselves, that we are forgiven of all our sins, that nothing we have done in this temporary human form has affected the deeper eternal truth of what God created us to be, One Holy Intelligent all loving Mind. He told us we would do all he has done and more….  It is time now for us to fulfil that prophecy.

We know we can… we have examples today of the brave men and women on the front lines saving lives, first responders helping to save lives every hour of every day, fire fighters, military and police protecting our communities all through the day and night, both medical and naturepathic doctors and counselors returning minds and bodies to health, philanthropists donating to important causes like children’s Health Defense committed to saving children’s lives globally, people hitting the streets to feed the homeless, brother and sister human beings joining the peace corps, running non-profit organizations, global citizens speaking out for liberty and peace all over the world, our brave brothers and sisters in china, our truckers in Canada, organizations like Global Citizens United. We know because One World Humanity and all who have come together today committed to a peaceful, thriving and free world for all! It is time for us to come together and be the change we want to see, be the present day heroes.

We are the bad ass human race…   we can conquer this… our eyes are open to the tyranny, corruption, hate, sickness and insanity going on globally, we have the power within us to begin to come together in peace and solve the issues and turn our species around for an eternally thriving species living in peace and love for the joy of the experience. And in the process of saving our human species we will save many other species.

Yes, times have been tough, we have struggled, yet the grit of life has shined us up and brought us together. We are highly intelligent powerful beings, the most dominant species on the planet. We are not afraid… our strength is unlimited when we come together in peace… there is no challenge we cannot conquer… we remember what and who we are. We are a Divine human family, endowed with genius intelligence, infinite creativity, unlimited in love, power, freedom, beauty and grace.

It is time to let go of all disempowered ways, take responsibility to restore our minds to peace and step into our power as Evolved beings, children of the Universe living in Truth knowing what we are as pure Divine Magnificence beyond comprehension… unlimited in power and potential. We are all empowered to freely choose to make a difference and live a life of passion, purpose, contributing to humanity and spreading unending love to all. Together we are more powerful than a million super suns. We are literally saving our species…. We are not going to give up… we are tenacious rock stars… each and every one of us.  We are committed to peace on earth responsibly by choosing our own inner peace. Inner peace, outer peace. We are committed to the evolution and the expansion of human potential.

We are expectant of good. We are expectant of miracles, we are grateful ahead of time for the abundance of blessings coming our way.

The truth is all human beings are connected more deeply than any of us can imagine. The intelligence that enlivens every human body is one unified field just as a thousand seemingly separate aspen trees are one organism. We cannot see with our eyes the deeper knowledge of one root system underground, beneath all the many aspens quaking in the wind… yet it is there. And What appears to separate human beings is nothing but lack of deeper knowledge, all we need to do is to look beneath the surface to see that the intelligence animating through us all, roots from One Mind, One Infinitely intelligent Source.  Just as all rays of sunshine radiate from one Sun, One Source, in the likeness and image of the sun, we also emanate from and in the likeness of one all loving and intelligent Source.

This Universal Intelligence, this incomprehensible mystery is beyond all understanding. Therefore, in order to birth a new evolved and thriving species we must put aside our attachments to all we understand from the past and come together with all humanity for something higher than belief systems… to allow higher knowledge and new information we have never before imagined to enter into our consciousness. It is time for all human beings to come together in peace… all colors, all classes and races, political & religious preferences… come together in allowing Source to animate through our species in a radically new way that can evolve us to an eternal status.

As we come together in peace, a tidal wave of love and spiritual power comes forth that will rise all boats, inspiring us all to live our passions, we can all be lightworkers and leaders, multiply love by sharing our greatness, and provide all willing human beings a state of Grace unimaginable at this time.

In coming together we unleash the unending power within our minds, bodies and soul, we allow God to animate in peace and spiritual power through us, and watch all our boats rise together as we all step into not only a New Earth, but Heaven on Earth, enjoying an abundance of all good things with an unending supply of positive energies multiplying ongoingly for good.

I invite you to come together with One World Humanity, One World CommUnity become a member and get involved with our global and community events celebrating life, our eco-retreat Sanctuaries, youth outreach, John’s Place fair-trade movement for a peaceful, thriving and free world for all,  for the eternal survival of the human species or something greater.

Thank you for coming together today for One World EVOLVE 2023, Unify in love for the highest evolution for humanity and the greatest good of all.  What animates through us all is endowed with the infinite power of love. Love is the greatest power, the Golden Rule, and the only thing you take with you after this blink of an eye lifetime you were graced to live. Make wise investments, bringing your undivided attention to the Divine Source of love within your hearts. Depositing the gifts of love, freedom, peace and joy… true eternal wealth… holding these gifts above all else… and you will be the most abundant, happiest, most peaceful and free species planet Earth has ever known.

Thank you and God bless your hearts!

If you are inspired this is a fundraiser for our 501 C 3 Non Profit organization Center for Awakening for our annual project in Central America helping orphanages, schools and villages. Your donations are greatly appreciated.


With love John and Grace

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