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New Energy, New Life

Published January, 2023



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When we move into new energy, we cannot be the old self, we also move into a new version of our self and we re-create ourselves newly. I say that because you and I are re-creating ourselves and we will continue to do that over this next year. We will be re-creating everything about ourselves and tuning our energies to align with higher frequencies and vibrations and higher expressions of Grace.

Be open and willing to change and transform on deep levels, on many dimensions and in ways you cannot imagine now. Be free and begin to live from your deepest truth to please ONLY YOU! Do what you love and follow your heart, not worrying what other’s think and not shrinking in fear of disapproval. BE YOU, do what you love, be wide open unstoppable love for all always and forever more.

Step into your full power with confidence and grace.

Enjoy where you are now, bless and acknowledge where you are now. The goal is here now, just as you are, appreciating the moment. If you live for another time, when things are better, you lose everything. Where you are now is precious beyond measure.

Stay in the now… live here now… appreciate all that is arising now and be open to greater blessing always… This or better… soaking in and basking in this here now. Now is the gift, right where you are now is beyond precious and beautiful. Each step is a treasure beyond measure.

Give up all future yearning and live for today, love yourself for how you are now. Trust yourself now and appreciate everything, especially the little things about this sacred and holy moment of life. Open up your heart to what is arising now with gratitude and glory and know you are whole, perfect and complete now and always and forever more.

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