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Living for the Joy of the Experience

Published January, 2023



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Do what you love and love what you do. Make it different because you are different. Be the attractor, living by attraction and restore your soul for the pure joy of the experience.

I love you more than life and I am with you and in you and for you always. Life doesn’t need to be hard, and when you listen and follow your heart moment to moment you will be truly living life for the joy of the experience. There isn’t big change on the outer until there is a huge change in the inner.

when you follow your heart and do what you love… not as a chore or a responsibility or an expectation but for the joy of the experience

The Universe only wants us to be healed and whole, our minds restored to sanity and wholeness, then do what we love… that is our highest path and that can change instant to instant, hour to hour, day to day. Month to month and year to year. Don’t you worry my beautiful mother because the things that bring our hearts great joy are on our path, they will come to you… you don’t need to worry.

Don’t look to others approval for your worth, let that all go.

Your highest function is your highest joy. Awakening is finding your constant joy within. Keep it simple spiritual… seek your truth, be your joy, you don’t need to be a martyr or a victim, you can be a celebrator of dreams, of life, of love, of miracles upon miracles. Your inner light is what brings joy, not the outer circumstances and that inner state of rapture is always ever present within you.

It is time to bask in that rapture constantly, always and forever more.  JJD

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