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Awaken to Now

Published January, 2023



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This is a yin year and this year includes a powerful awakening process for many humans that will continue all through the year. Every hour of every day will intensify and we will awaken our power more and more deeply and powerfully.

Trust in your process and your path. We are on our path and it is a journey, so don’t miss out on now for some destination. Now is the destination and there is no more sacred time, more better time, a final time of completion and awakening, now is the awakening and the flowering of awakening is ongoing and forever.

As we step onto the stage this year, we will be stepping on as our Self, transparent and honest, radically accepting and loving of our Self. Be true to  yourself and that frequency will attract the perfect person, naturally, easily and joyfully.

This is an exciting time for humanity, and we have earned this time and we will continue to create the vibration and energy needed to create miracles upon miracles in our lives. Abundance of all wonderful things.  Enjoy your time now, knowing you have arrived now to the holiest instant of all eternity. Be here now!

Be open this week to all possibilities, all people and opportunities. Everything will come to pass as it was scripted to.  JJD

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