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Published May 23, 2023

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Being sovereign is not about being alone, it is about being deeply connected to your inner Self, complete and confident. Loving your own company, loving yourself, not needing others, but enjoying others company. Not needing anything external in order to feel whole and complete.

It is knowing and loving yourself deeply and having a direct experience of and with yourself. We know who we are as an eternal soul power, sustained and loved by an eternal all loving Source beyond comprehension. We are made in the likeness of this Creator Source and connect with this as our Identity. We parent ourselves in this temporary experience, always parenting ourselves with great love, wisdom, compassion, understanding and kindness. We parent ourselves and our children as we wish to be parented. We treat ourselves and others as we wish for others to treat us.

When we are sovereign we take responsibility for our lives, we are consciously aware that we are the source of how we interpret our world, how the world arises for us. Sovereign individuals are not victims, they don’t blame others, they are solid in the knowing that regardless of external contrasts, they have the power within them to align with their truth, their hearts desires and create those inner passions within the physical dimension.

When obstacles arise, sovereign souls don’t give their power away, and waste time in gossip, blame or regret... they learn from their experiences and create empowered action that benefits them.


They are empowered to ask others for help and use community to support them, knowing they are wholly connected to their own individual soul and simultaneously one with all on the level of Source.

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