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Mastering Challenges

From Book "Empoerment"
BLOG Published June 1, 2023

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Only a Master can live on this planet. You need to graduate spiritually in order to make it down to what may appear it’s opposite. Yet God has no opposites, so challenges are only what you have desired to help you grow and learn and live as if you already are in Heaven.

As we live our lives we miss out on many opportunities to heal a part of our minds and expand into a more expansive Identity. This Identity is your soul power, your eternal non physical True Identity. The opportunities we miss are when we are absent, unconscious and in some sort of mental disturbance, negative thought pattern, pain loop, stressful thoughts, innocence confusion.

We wake up by noticing those moments we are sleeping… unconscious. Those moments we are not fully present and dwell in sensations less than deeply peaceful, and we choose to gently and kindly awaken by bringing the mind back to the present moment.

The disturbing thoughts within the mind are the only thing keeping you from peace. In times of challenge we have the opportunity to learn and grow from the challenge, get the lesson. We also have the opportunity to be committed to sanity and peace and not engage in low vibrational or stressful thoughts. 

We have power over our minds, no one can ever take that power away from us. Often during challenges in our lives we forget how empowered we are. We forget that our vortex is within and nothing external can affect our inner peace unless we allow it to. 

Empowered people don't complain about their problems and challenges, they may share and unload to a close friend who is aware and will help guide them to a clear and balanced perspective. However, complaining isn't a way of being, they see challenges as learning opportunities and are humble enought to always continue to learn and grow. They take problems as challenges to remain at peace even amidst the apparent chaos. 

Live life fully not afraid of challenges but facing them bravely as teh grit that will continue to shine you up while having the blessed opportunity to be an eternal Soul living this physical life play.

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