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When Flowers Bloom

Channeling John, The Beloved
BLOG Published August 3, 2023

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You can feel the shift, as the flower buds begins to open and the chrysalis cracks… the light begins to shine into the cracks and awakens what has always been. Unlocks the codes that were set into your Soul in the name of Eternity. Opening the codes, flowering ongoingly as you spiral up in consciousness for all eternity to infinite heights.

When the flower blooms it does so naturally with ease, beauty and Grace. The daisies and sunflowers turn toward the light just like the soul will always turn towards it’s Source. You and Source are One, there is no separation in all of the Universe in Reality.

Every instant of time is a masterpiece beyond description… every instant, even the contrast. The mind works out its anxieties in living art… it’s own out pictured life. Our minds are creating everything in the physical world, the physical experience. Relax into that responsibility, that empowerment, that trust and devotion. Everything becomes a devotion to Mother Father Abba, the God of your understanding. That Love that is also what you are… love cannot be separated and neither can light. There is truly nothing to fear and everything to celebrate when you rise to the vibrational frequency of your True Self.. the God within you… in you as you.

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