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Self Honesty is Self Love

Channeling John, The Beloved
BLOG Published September 17, 2023

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Self Honesty is Self Love

Any lack of love toward the self is disempowering. Don’t get self-love confused with ego, they have nothing in common… the Soul see’s love where it is, within, and ego see’s love where it is not, without. Therefore, Spirit is sourced from within, overflowing endless love and supply of all good. Ego is always starving for attention, love, admiration, affection and looking in all the wrong places… without… in a relationship, acquisition of wealth or power within the world of form. What a waste of time, always.

When we love ourselves, just as when we love another, we are honest and have gained self-trust and self-respect. We respect honest people and lose respect for those who are not honest or lie.

We are honest with ourselves first and foremost and that honesty is a form of expressing love for our Self on all levels. We are in alignment with the Self and Universe. Why would we lose our awareness of alignment by being dishonest. What could be worse, the disconnection from the Self that occurs when we are not honest or what may happen if we told the truth? And if the truth is not necessary to speak, choose silence rather than selling out on yourself by lying.

Spiritually mature individuals have integrity, otherwise they are not mature… maybe spiritual, but not yet mature, needing some growing up spiritually. Integrity is a concept that at some point in your life you desire to master, and it doesn’t matter the age. This is an act of self-love and love and respect for others and life. We need to first be honest with our own deepest inner self which awakens a deeper love for the self.

The deepest level of self honesty is knowing that you are Divine Magnificence, a wholly pure extension of perfect love Itself.

Self-love and self honesty can look like knowing you need to apologize and actually apologizing… without giving away your power. Simply acknowledge you failed to abide by your standards of ethics in the relationship and you want to apologize, recognize the impact for them, be responsible if there is something you can do to keep an agreement, and move forward with more integrity, a higher self-esteem, more empowered and free.

Self honesty could be knowing it is probably not best to eat that fourth slice of pizza or tenth cookie and stopping immediately. To only accept invitations to events that really pull you and not need to give a reason why, or excuse other than you were not pulled. Loving and honoring others who decline your invitations because they were not pulled or for whatever reason, you don’t need any reasons. Honesty with the self will say go to sleep when you are tired even though you need to do ten more things on your list of 30.  Honesty could look like not going to bed even though you are tired because you have something you need to do that is important to do before you go to sleep. Only you will know the most honest way of being. Honesty will have you recognize if you have an addiction or problem in some area of life… who doesn’t… and take responsibility to bring balance in that area. Being honest can look like being grateful for what you have, following your intuition, quieting the mind, moving the body, opening the heart, eating healthy, choosing kind and fun friends, living in beauty and an abundance of all good things.

Self-honesty also honors your unique human strengths and weaknesses, you may learn differently than others, or work more productively in one area than another… skills are abundant among the human population, you can honor and support your skills while appreciating and being inspired by others. Your beauty, your unique energy, your one of a kind expression, and the creative gifts you offer the planet are unique to you.

You may be a gardener blessing the land with thriving crops year after year, you may be a cook preparing healthy food for your family or others that is infused with your love… blessing the cells of all those who ingest it. You may be teaching children and impacting their entire life for the good. I could go on… the point is we each have our completely unique purpose in this world and the Universe. Have fun discovering the best way you learn, what you love to do, your purpose and contribution to humanity in this phase of your life. Know  you can have an overall purpose and also distinct purpose throughout your life. In school you may have a purpose to excell in sports, academics, nature, art, writing, or one the many, many interests and focus’s a student’s life offers. Then you may get married and have a few children and your purpose is to be a parent and partner, and in older years you may volunteer for hospice or travel in your RV spreading your love and light to other campers. Contemplate what you loved to do as a child, what pulls you and brings you excitement and joy? Then do that! Fill your life with time dedicated to do the things you love to do, the people you love to be around, the music you love to hear. Acknowledge yourself for your skills, gifts and expressions that bless all of humanity, the Earth and All that Is.

If your dreams are too far off to simply step into now, take baby steps in the direction of your dreams. Step fully into the vibration of how you will be feeling when those dreams come true, when your ship comes in. What is the emotional benefit you are seeking? What is your state of being? What will be your mood, your vibrational frequency. That is what you honestly and truly want. Once you match the vibrational frequency of what your heart desires it will manifest in Divine Timing, if aligned with Divine Will it could come into immediate manifestation. It has been waiting for you to align with the vibration all along. Your frequency has been the one holding up the show. Self-love and love for the Divine… same, same, is a high frequency and highest level of integrity and honesty as well as sanity and health of mind, body, heart and soul.

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