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Only Good Comes to Me

Channeling John, The Beloved
BLOG Published September 13, 2023

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Eliminate all thoughts that weaken, disempower, make you afraid, upset, ashamed, limited or sad. Replace every victim thought that disempowers with empowering thoughts that inspire. This is the mark of a master!

What you focus on will expand, thoughts have energy, and that energy will affect your body and brain. Where attention goes, energy flows… you are fully, wholly empowered to direct your attention. Therefore, you are always fully, wholly empowered to manifest and attract anything you want by directing your attention and emotions consciously toward that which you want to create. The only caviat is if it conflicts with your soul choices and others soul choices.

If you want only good to come to you, you will need to be responsible for ensuring only good comes from you.

You, not anyone else, are wholly responsible for the thoughts you think, the emotions you feel, the frequency you vibrate at and the circumstances and relationships you experience. There are no victims in the Universe, every being that exists creates their own reality through their vibrational frequency and soul choices… nothing is by accident and all beings are wholly free to choose to resonate with any available frequency. There is free will in the Universe always, our energy is what creates our external environment including the people and circumstances in our lives.

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