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The Truth of What You Are

Channeling John, The Beloved
BLOG Published October 11, 2023

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Bring Your Attention to the Truth of What You Are

What you focus on will expand and you are fully empowered to choose what you focus on. The ultimate focus that will set you free is to focus on What You Truly and Eternally Are, Truth, Reality, God, Love. Then you begin to remember what you truly are as a part of the Mind of God. You begin to awaken to the Truth that there is only One Mind, that you are everything and nothing is separate from you or anything… that all separation is an illusion based in fear… there is only love and a call for love.

When you know what you are, you are completely free, whole and complete. When you know yourself as existence, pure consciousness and bliss, one with and an extension of the Creator and Source of all life, Universal consciousness, you get in touch with your true power; with the unending holiness and all loving presence that you are. This is how Source created you to be, and nothing can alter or threaten this True and eternal Identity. Temporary forms and illusionary dramas cannot threaten eternal Reality. Nothing the body does can alter the eternal Truth of your perfect innocence and Divine grace. You are as you were created, and this is the most powerful Truth to direct your attention to.

If you find you are directing your attention to a separate self or any form of fear… from the mildest irritation to the wildest rage you have simply slipped into temporary insanity. You are always fully empowered to direct your mind back to Truth, back to the eternally present peace within that passes all understanding.

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