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Follow Yur Heart

Channeling John, The Beloved
BLOG Published October 30, 2023

Following the Heart

Quote from the book:

Attention, You Will Always Get More of What You Focus On.

Why follow the heart? Well the heart is where you access your Soul, which is pure love, and the eternal Divine Truth within you as you. The soul has a vast amount of wisdom that the brain isn’t able to access, yet it can benefit from it. You are an extension of the Mind of God… your existence is sustained by Creator, Source, the God of your understanding each moment. You can access this part of you by connecting to your heart, the powerhouse of love within you, the part of your awareness that is an extension of God, Divine Presence.

When practicing using your attention to create, it is very wise to not waste time and energy by miscreating things that are not your heart’s desires. Our minds with limited knowledge and cultural conditioning can mislead us in thinking we want something that may not be in our best interest. We can get attached to something that we think we want, yet it may not serve our highest good. Think of the mind as limited, just like a young child with limited knowledge. A child may want to play with fire or sharp knives and cry when those shiny toys and flashy things are taken away, yet they are not in the child’s overall best interest.

The heart and soul have vast knowledge, infinite all loving power. The heart and soul know what is in our best interest, know what will bring us the highest happiness and greatest overall joy. The heart has a wisdom far beyond the brain and knows our soul’s purpose in each life. By connecting with the heart always and allowing the heart and soul desires to be fulfilled will always bring us the greatest joy and move us confidently along our soul’s destiny.

The guidance of the heart is expanding and when we create intentions from our heart we feel a sense of alignment and peace. The heart is aligned with Truth and when we manifest passions from the heart there is an ease and a grace in manifesting… however that doesn’t mean there won’t be effort involved.

Take time when choosing to manifest a desire to check in with your heart without any attachment. Sense into how you feel… do you feel aligned, expanded and joyous energy or attached, clingy and pushy energy? It is an ongoing deepening to follow the heart in all things, to learn how your heart sends you messages and what it feels like when you are aligned and misaligned.

The more you can focus on the heart, the more attention and energy you bring towards the heart, the more you become alive, the more your heart takes over in your life, the more spiritual power you exude in each moment. What you focus on will expand and we always want to be expanding the powerhouse of our eternal love, the wisdom of the heart, the deeper, truer Self within.

The heart connects you to your true eternal Self… that which is one with your eternal Soul and the God of your understanding. Ultimately, we wish to live as our Soul, there is no higher path on earth.

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