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You Will Always Get More of What You Focus On

Channeling John, The Beloved
BLOG Published November 6, 2023

You Will Always Get More of What You Focus On

Quote from the book:

Attention, You Will Always Get More of What You Focus On.

There is nothing truly outside your Self and no other time than now.

There is nowhere else to go than here now… always. When the mind is in the present moment, still and focused, the point of power is where the still silent mind directs its focused attention towards. You literally direct the power within your soul, a pure infinite and eternal extension of God toward a thought and it increases.

You will always get more of what you focus on. Where attention goes, energy flows. What you focus on will expand.

Through directing your focused attention toward a vision or thought, you manifest more of that thought in your life (Good or bad.) The exact form we cannot be certain of. As we focus our attention on a vision, a dream, something we wish to create in our lives, feeling the emotions that dream provides while standing in the knowing we deserve this, we are worthy of this, we are aligned with the will of God and our will in this, we cannot not attract it. We attract this with ease, naturally and by law… it must arise forth in form. This is how all form is manifested, using the same law.

All beings are wholly endowed with full privilege to use this law of manifestation, this law does not discriminate. Regardless of who you are, what your circumstances, regardless of your past. You have within you the power to manifest with ease by focusing your attention on your desire, feeding it with emotion, deserving, knowing with certainty and repetition, repetition, repetition.

The only things that would block the manifestation of a true desire that is focused on with our loving attention repetitively are our soul choices (Destiny/Karma) and contrary mental programming… beliefs and fears we hold in the conscious or unconscious mental sphere that may block the arising of the desire.

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